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Below is a list of the main products I hold in stock. Most foods and Herbs are in stock

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Sold in 15kg bags unless otherwise stated.

Champ Range

Champ Adult 20% Protein 10% fat Beef & Chicken £17.50

Little Champ 26% Protein 12 % Fat Beef and Chicken  £21.00

Sooper Dooper Champ 28% Protein  12 % fat Beef/Lamb and Chicken £21.00

Old Champ 18% Protein 7% Fat Beef & Chicken £21.00

Original Range

NEW Lamb Senior (WF) 24% Protein 6.5% Fat Lamb £27.00

Herbie Nuts  20% Protein 10% Fat  Chicken £20.50

That'll do/Hi Lost  21% Protein 12 % Fat Chicken £20.50

NEW Lamb & Rice (WF)  22% Protein 12 % Fat Lamb £27.00

Complete Tripe (WF)  22% Protein 13% Fat Fresh Tripe £28.50

Fit n Fast (No Rice) (WF)  23%Protein 12 % Fat  Salmon £28.00

Herbie Rings 24% Protein 10% Fat Chicken £22.50

Natural Puppy 28% Protein 14% fat Chicken  £27.50

Rocket Fuel 30% Protein 16% fat Chicken £26.00

Hike on (no Rice) WGF 31% Protein 22% Fat Salmon & Beef £29.50

Wholegrain Mixer 10 % Protein 5 % Fat £21.50

Monster Mix  21% protein 12 % Fat Chicken/Cereal mix £22.00

Command Performance CP

CP18 (WF) 18% Protein 8 % Fat  Lamb £38.50

CP21 (WF) 21% Protein 12 % Fat  Salmon £38.50

CP24 (WF) 24% Protein 14% Fat  Lamb £41.00

CP27 Puppy (WF) 27% Protein 16% Fat  Lamb £45.00

CP30 (WF) 30% Salmon £41.00

CPXtra (WF) Supplementary feed 16% Protein 12 % Fat Salmon £32.00

CP7 Plus (WF) 22% Protein 11 % Fat Turkey & Poultry £35.50

CP All Rounder (WF)  22% Protein 14 % Fat Salmon £38.00

12.5kg bag 
CP No Grainer (Grain Free) 27% Protein 23% Fat Tripe,Chicken,Duck & Salmon £43.50

CP Fat2Fin  (23%) Protein 5.5 % Fat 12.5kg bag  Weight control Diet Kibble

White Fish and Sweet Potato 


Cat  Food Range.

Natural Cat  30% Chicken £26.00

WF = Wheat Gluten Free

Also Available special order Autarky Puppy, Adult, Mature

Price List Jan 22

Check for full details on products

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Herbal Supplements and Natural treats

Billy No Mates 325g Natural Flea,tick and mites treatment for your dog or cat £15.50

Billy No Mates 1Kg Natural Flea,tick and mites treatment for your dog or cat £43.50

Billy No Mates Tincture 250 ml Natural Flea,tick and mites treatment for your dog or cat in Tincture Form £15.50

Calm Down 200g If your dog is at all ring shy or stressed by the big occasions £14.50

Come on 300g Great for coat,skin and body. Especially beneficial to underweight dogs £21.00

Down Boy 200g Suppress the sexual drive in dogs £14.50

Eezy Peezy 300g Maintenance of urinary system and for preventing burn marks on your lawn £21.00

Focus 200g A mix that has been formulated to encourage dogs to concentrate when training £17.75

Get Over 250g For dogs feeling their age and showing signs of stiffness £17.75

Go On 300g Go On is a natural 'Competition mix' for active dogs £20.75

Gravy Works 500g A highly palatable ,natural dog gravy £16.50

Heal 250g For the natural balance of the digestive system £17.75

Hold it 200g For dogs with leaky bladders £14.50

No Ake 100g For maintenance of the dogs musculo skeletal system and inflammatory system £17.75

No Ake Tincture 250ml For maintenance of the dogs musculo skeletal system and inflammatory system £18.50

Phantom Raspberry 150g For confused bitches £14.50

Resist 200g Supports the immune system to help fight intolerance's and sensitivities £14.50

Seaweed and Parsley 200g To aid your dogs oral health £20.75

Skinny Herbs 250g A natural herb mix that can help your dogs coat and skin £20.75

Steady 250g A herbal blend for the maintenance of the nervous system £17.75

Stroppy Bitch 200g Helps bitches experiencing hormonal temperament problems £14.50

Thistle Work 200g A dietary supplement that supports the maintenance of the liver £17.75

Turn Back Thyme 200g This blend has been formulated with the older dog in mind £17.75

TurmerTinc Tincture

250 ml Turmeric can be widely used to help maintain a dog's immune system, digestion, skin and joints while supporting the body's natural anti-inflammatory processes. £18.50


Solid Results 250g Herbal mix that can aid in gut health £18.50

Ring O' Fire 250g Herb mix that can help support a dogs anal glands £18.50

Salmon Oil 500ml Bottle £15.00

Natural Treats.

Dinner Bait 125gMeat Morsels with Blackcurrant and Cranberry. Ideal as a tasty topper for your dogs dinner.£4.10

Dem Bones 500gDem Bones! are a completely natural treat for dogs containing effective levels of charcoal and herbs to help clean teeth, freshen bad breath and 'eliminate' bad instances of dog gas!! £4.50

Poppets 200gTasty little bone shaped training treats that contain our Get Over! herbs (to aid mobility). Wheat gluten free and low calorie. £2.20

Training Tips 100gDelicious semi-moist 80% meat treats with Cranberry & Blackcurrant. Air-dried for extra flavour. Ideal for training.. £4.10

Fish n Hips 100g NEW! Delicious semi-moist, natural fish treats containing 70% white fish with Devils Claw, Turmeric and Oleogrape to help support the joints.. Highly palatable and low in fat so perfect for older and/overweight dogs. Air-dried for extra flavour. Ideal for reward. Recommend feeding 1 'Fish 'n' Hip' per 10kg bodyweight dog per day. Size of pack: 100g. £ 4.10

Gnaw rolls 100g 

Delicious semi-moist 80% meat treats with Seaweed & Parsley. Air-dried for extra flavour. Ideal for reward while benefitting your dog's oral health. Size of pack: 100g.

Fishcuits 180g Fishcuits training treats are made from 100 fish and are free from anything artificial, Highly palatable and nutritious. £4.10 

Pemmikan Bars 400g A very powerful, high energy feed block that is perfect for hard working dogs, stressed show dogs and can also build up underweight dogs, The 400g bar appears like a very chunky chocolate bar and can be easily broken up into small pieces to provide a regular energy source throughout the working dog's day. £8.50 each

Storm Canis 300g /1kg £19.00/£55.00 STORM ® Canis is a totally natural feed supplement that can help all working and sporting dogs work at optimal speed and power for longer. By encouraging fast bursts of speed and quick recovery times, STORM® Canis actively promotes a dog's health and well being. It should be added to the normal diet, thus providing part of a normal balanced ration.

Skin Care:

Skinny Cream 100 ml  £10.50

An effective, natural cream that is extremely kind to skin - for both dogs and owners! Specially formulated to repel fleas, ticks, mites (including mange), lice and flies - as well as pesky midges. Contains no preservatives, sulphates or artificial colours while smelling of coconuts. Now available in the new handy 100ml size. "A little goes a long way'"

Skinny Shampoo 250ml £13.50 An effective, natural shampoo that has been formulated to repel fleas, ticks, mites (including mange), lice and flies. Perfect for dogs, horses and humans!

Skinny Spray 250ml £13.50

An effective, natural spray that has been formulated to repel fleas, ticks, mites (including mange), lice and flies when they become troublesome. Perfect for dogs and horses. Apply a light spray mist daily when contact problems exist - what could be easier? May also be used on pet bedding & sleeping areas. No preservatives, sulphates or artificial colours. ** Not suitable for use on cats because of the essential oils used.

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Filly No Mates

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Filly No Mates! is a coarse mix - for feeding to your horse during the warmer weather. An effective, natural fly, flea, mite and tick repellent. This dried herb mix of mint, seaweed, fenugreek, neem leaves and lemon balm is simply added to your horses food.. The mixture is also great for skin and coat condition. As the product can take up to 6 weeks to really get into the system, we recommend you start using Filly No Mates from early Spring onwards, to reduce annoyance caused by flies and midges.
Ingredients: Dried herb mix of mint, seaweed, fenugreek, neem leaves and lemon balm.
3kg Pouch £42.00

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Wild Icelandic Horses
Three Horses


Great for skin and coat condition too.


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Dog Eating Dog Food


Quality CSJ K9 Ltd Dry Dog foods and Herbal Supplements for all your working and pet dogs. Please contact me for your requirements

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CSJ is now the choice of some of the most successful dog handlers throughout the UK and overseas. Why?

Using only top quality, natural ingredients, the extensive range of CSJ has been developed to meet the specific needs of dogs of all ages - from conception right through to 'retirement'.

Rich in real chicken, lamb or salmon

Contains no GM ingredients

Made in the UK by DEFRA approved sites which adhere to stringent quality control & traceability systems

No artificial colours, additives or preservatives

Energy dense nutrition

Highly palatable and digestible

Little waste - No smell!

No animal testing involved – apart from taste testing by our own kennel (and they don’t mind!)

By working closely with many well-known breeders, competitors, trainers, large kennel owners and show-bench exhibitors – as well as behavioural trainers, CSJ products are continuously monitored and developed.

By striving to be the best we ensure CSJ continues to play a major role in the development of future champions.

Southview Supplies is a authorized Stockist of CSJ K9 Ltd Quality Natural dog and cat  foods. Feeds and supplements . Let us know how we can be of service and we’ll happily assist you in any way we can.


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***NEWS*** We're delighted to announce that CSJ have just won the coveted Global Business Insights Award 2018 for 'BEST DOG FOOD MANUFACTURE OF THE YEAR - UK' Hurray!!